One step closer to CERN supplies are Greek companies, following the recent organized mission of the Region of Central Macedonia and Technopolis Thessaloniki to the headquarters of the European Nuclear Research Organization in Geneva. According to the Region of Central Macedonia, already about 50 Greek companies, most of them in Central Macedonia, have been included in the list of CERN suppliers. These are companies that were either represented in the two missions organized by the Region or had attempted, through university institutions, to contact the research organization.

Three million euros worth of CERN supplies to Greek companies in 2018.

“Our company has been invited by the Federation of Northern Greece Industries to take part in the recent shipment,” mechanical engineer Thomiakidou, responsible for quality control at the “B & T Composites” company, from Florina, points out to RES. It states, however, that the company had previously attended a meeting in Thessaloniki in the presence of Agency representatives. There she was informed about how anyone can get in touch with CERN.
Ms Triakidou points out that the company produces products from composites with raw materials, carbon fiber and fiberglass. These products replace metal materials, as they are much lower in weight and have similar or better properties. They are also used in applications such as power transmission shafts, robotic arms, naval navigation systems and more. “We chose to go to Geneva because CERN’s name alone is a very good reference point for any company,” said Triakidou. At the same time, it announced that the company is already in contact and communicating with people in the CERN responsible for procurement, has been included in the list, and has already submitted a bid for a specific commission.

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