Roll-to-roll (r2r) bath coating and slot-die coating/printing technologies of carbon nanomaterial thermoelectric inks have been successfully processed using the unique r2r pilot coating and prepreger line at the University of Ioannina (UOI) – Composite and Smart Materials Laboratory (CSML), due to the high operating performance machinery developed by FOM Technologies A/S partner in our H2020 HARVEST Project CSML coordinates.
Hierarchical carbon fiber (CF) unidirectional (UD) fabric towards the final hierarchical and multi-scale nanoenabled 3R resin CFRP prepreg has been a reality!!! Of course, all these thanks to the excellent cooperation of all partners of the consortium, namely CIDETEC for the 3R and 3R nanoenabled resin – Nanocyl SA for the carbon nanomaterials – IVW for the advanced NDT testing, as well as all HARVEST end-users (SonacaAIRTIFICIALB&T Composites) guiding our work and setting the required specifications for the final thermoelectrically enabled structural FRPs.
HARVEST activities towards the final thermoelectrically-enabled aerostructures with autonomous SHM capabilities are on-going…

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