The B&T Composites Company, with Mr. Vassilios Tiriakidis as President and CEO, repeatedly awarded for its innovations in advanced components of composite materials, has agreed to sign a memorandum of cooperation with Professor Sophocles Makridis of the Department of Enviromental Engineering of the University of Patras , that has its academic and scientific excellence acknowledged by the Ministry of Education, aiming at hydrogen technologies and will create Hydrogen B&T Composites: Hydrogen Production-Storage-Utilisation.

The need for hydrogen storage systems and their transport is now a given through the investment of green hydrogen in the Green Deal World Map (Green Deal) as analyzed in his speeches by Mr. Makridis and in the press for the last 6 months. Zero pollutants can be achieved directly through the use of hydrogen as a fuel in any technology (homes, industry, automotive). Both in Europe and beyond, energy storage for more than 6 hours is advantageous through electrolysis and hydrogen production-storage-propagation especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

So the combined forces of these two Greeks will put into practice the Industry-Academia partnership for the first commercial development of hydrogen reservoirs at low to high pressures using metal hydrides to efficiently store hydrogen and transport hydrogen to domestic locations and/or abroad. The carbon fiber reservoirs manufactured by B&T Composites are lightweight and with the appropriate study and development will make storage efficient in real conditions as required by the new actions of the Green Economy by changing energy requirements worldwide. (Project for Hydrogen Production by Offshore Wind Turbines in England with Greek Participation). Hidrogen B&T Composites has begun discussions with Carbon280-Australia, Huston, Texas and Seawind Technologies on the subject of storing hydrogen from micro grids that will produce hydrogen from RES and be stored in Mg alloys.

This technology, which is being built by this collaboration, also aims to apply hydrogen to buildings for winter heating , as mentioned by Ms. Makridis’ team and to MEGAs’ Ms. Siambli in her commentary about hydrogen technologies .


The B&T Composites company and the research team of InnoEnergy proves in practice the connection of the production process with the scientific world not only through the participating European Programs but also through commercial requirements of the industrial sector in Europe and beyond.

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