B&T COMPOSITES manufactures a wide range of products for industrial applications. Our new projects are focused on manufacturing:




Robotic Arms


Light Crane Arms

Robotic Arms tend to be lighter. The old metal arms are replaced by new extra-light carbon ones. B&T Composites developed its Robotic Arms according to the demand of the costumers.

B&T Composites, after countless tests, succeed in manufacturing its perfect smooth surfaced Rollers.

We also specialize in the Power & Energy, Oil & Gas sectors where we own a very long term experience in engineering, construction, repairing and commissioning.

We manufacture:
Process Piping
Spray headers
Structural Parts

We can also manufacture parts on demand and on custom designs.
All goods are delivered complete with all the fittings, apparatus and auxiliary components in order to be fully functional.
Furthermore, our skilled personnel can offer services of onsite installation, installation supervision, testing and commissioning.