Your Carbon and Glass Fiber Solution.

Expertise in Filament Winding

At B&T Composites, our specialty lies in applying this particular Technique to Composite Cylinders .

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Tubes

The Cylinders , Shafts , Rollers and Pipes we produce meet the most known International and European Standards and cover a wide variety of appliances.

Innovative Designs

Our product portfolio also includes lightweight design products (Robotic Arms) while we  accept orders for custom-made goods .

Our range of products provides solutions for high-end :

  • Wind Energy

    • Shafts for Wind Generators with Couplings

    • Light Crane Arms

  • Industrial

    • Rollers

    • Laminates

    • Structural Parts

    • Decanders

  • Infrastructure

    • Piping

    • Lighting Poles

    • Tanks


Specifically for Industries and Infrastructures

We add GRP/GRE products (Decanders , Light Crane and Robotic arms, Sound Absorbers , Acididic Liquid Storage Tanks to name some) to our inventory and should the need arise, we offer designing, engineering, manufacturing and testing services to meet your needs and requirements.

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