Filament Winding

B&T Composites design and manufacture a full range of Filament Wound composite cylinders with diameter up to 1800mm and total length of 12000mm. Raw materials used are either glassfibers, carbonfibers, tapes and prepregs. The process is fully automatic and precise.


Resin Infusion

We apply Vacuum Infusion to manufacture high fiber-to-resin ratio laminates and tape wrapped cylinders and result stronger and lighter products. We therefore manage to control Fiber Volume Ratio, plies orientation and meet all of the designing requirements.


Hand Lay-Up

Hand Lay-Up method is used by skilled staff to manufacture pipe fittings (flanges, elbows, reducers, couplings etc). Pre-impregnated reinforcement mats and fabrics are placed onto stack layers to produce the desired shape, with detailed dimensions, thickness and strength.


On Site Installation, Bonding and Lamination

Besides the in-house manufacturing, B&T Composites offers on-site installation of composite goods, such as piping networks, tanks, scrubbers, spray headers and others. We can provide turn-key solutions and our experienced engineers and technicians will install, test and commission our composite goods at customer’s site.


We also manufacture custom sandwich structural laminates and moulded goods, according to customer’s designs. We can additionally provide designing, engineering analysis and manufacturing of the goods to meet his needs. Cores applied are Sheet and Polyurethane Foams and Honeycombs. The final product is lightweight, too strong yet and used mainly in automotive vehicles, sailing boats and structural frames.